Pasham Sri Harsha diverse experiences in business and politics reflects a commitment to community development, job creation, and public welfare. His transition to the Indian National Congress showcases his evolving political journey and dedication to serving the people.

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Personal Profile:

D. O. B15-09-1989
CasteOC (Kamma)
AddressFlat -501, Plot 28, Sri Sai Residency, Vijayanagar Colony, Road no 2, Kukatpally, Hyd, 500072
Place of BirthWarangal, Telangana.


  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, JNTU University, 2012
  • Masters, Staffordshire University, UK, 2015.
  • Diploma in Cloud Computing , USA , 2018.

As an Entrepreneur:

  • Director of one of the biggest food chain brand named “JUST BIRYANI” – 2015
  • Established Software and Consulting services Company Named “ETERNAL GROUP LLC” in Dallas and provided Training and placement for more than 200 professionals in Less than a year from establishment – 2020.
  • Established “Vinayaka Eternal Industrial Works a Fans Manufacturing Unit” in Hyderabad and provided Direct employment for 120 workers – 2021.
  • Established a Software company with name “ETERNALPACE TECHNOLOGIES” in Hyderabad and provided Direct Employment for 40 Professional’s in Hyderabad – 2021
  • Established a Real Estate firm Named “ETRENAL HOMES & REALITY” to be a part of growing Hyderabad and Successfully Delivered prestigious projects -2021
  • Appointed as Director in “BIOVICO HEALTH CARE PVT LTD” and encouraged researchers to improvise public health -2022
  • Established a Digital Service provider Company Named “ETERNAL DIGI” in Hyderabad and successfully providing services for clients around world including few politicians in India- 2022.
  • Proud Owner of Beauty Brand Named “Jack & Jolie” in Hyderabad

Political Experience & Activities:

  • Transition to Indian National Congress (2018- Present): Aligned with the Indian National Congress, showcasing a commitment to the party’s principles and vision for national development.
  • Key Role in Wardannpet MLA Election (2023): Played a pivotal role in the successful campaign and electoral victory for the Congress Party in the Wardannpet constituency, demonstrating strategic and influential leadership.
  • Advocacy for Separate Telangana State: Participated in rallies and programs advocating for the formation of a separate Telangana state, contributing to the political discourse and regional development.
  • Community Outreach Programs: Initiated and participated in community outreach programs addressing the needs of the less privileged, focusing on education, health, and skill development.
  • Legislative Engagement: Actively participated in discussions and debates on legislative issues, contributing insights and perspectives to address community concerns at various political forums.
  • Public Health Initiatives – Director, BIOVICO HEALTH CARE PVT LTD (2022): Played a crucial role in encouraging researchers and professionals to work on initiatives that enhance public health and well-being.

Key Achievements:

  • Organized College Fests and Political Awareness programs during college days.
  • Participated and Organized rallies and programs in favour of separate Telangana state.
  • Contributed significantly to the success of the Congress Party in the Wardannapet MLA election, playing a crucial and influential role in securing the victory with a strategic and well-executed campaigns.

Social Activities:

“Empowering Warangal and Wardannapet through KRN Trust”

In tough times during COVID-19, my team and I, through the KRN Trust, made sure to help those struggling in Warangal and Wardannapet. We provided support to people who needed it most, especially those facing challenges because of the pandemic.

  • Helping During COVID-19: We made it a priority to assist people affected by COVID-19 in Warangal and Wardannapet. We provided support to those who were finding it hard, making sure they had what they needed during these difficult times.
  • Supporting Education: We helped students in Warangal and Wardannapet who didn’t have much money. We gave scholarships and money to make sure they could continue with their education.
  • Health Awareness in Villages: We went to villages in Warangal and Wardannapet to tell people how to stay healthy, especially during the pandemic. We talked about how to prevent sickness and get better access to healthcare.
  • Helping in Emergencies: When there were problems like floods or emergencies in Warangal and Wardannapet, we quickly went to help. We gave important help to communities facing difficulties.
  • Talks About Important Issues: We spoke up about things that matter, like education, health, and the rights of people, in Warangal and Wardannapet. Our goal was to make people aware and stand up for what’s right.
  • Encouraging Women’s Participation: We worked to include more women in important decisions in Warangal and Wardannapet. We believed it’s important that everyone has a say in what happens in their community.
  • Making Villages Better: We did projects to make villages in Warangal and Wardannapet better. This included things like improving how things look, making sure there’s good sanitation, and upgrading living conditions.
  • Helping People Learn New Skills: We ran programs in Warangal and Wardannapet to teach people new skills. This helps them get better jobs and makes the community stronger.
  • Encouraging Student Sports: We motivated students by organizing cricket and volleyball tournaments in government schools and villages in Wardannapet. This helps in bringing communities together through sports and encouraging students to participate in healthy activities.


  • Self-awareness
  • Being Courageous
  • Control of Immediate Response and Planning
  • Embrace Change
  • Never Give Up
  • Strategic Planning

Political References:

1. KR Nagaraju – MLA, Wardannapet (107)

2. MR. Ravinder Uttam Rao Dalvi – Warangal Parliament In-charge (AICC – Assembly Elections – 2023)

3. Mr. Dharma Sena – Wardannapet Constituency In-charge (AICC – Assembly Elections 2023)

4. Bandru Shobha Rani – Wardannapet Constituency In-charge (PCC – Assembly Elections 2023)

5. Enagala Venkatram Reddy

6. Dr. Puli Anil

7. Venkat Reddy (LDM Co-Ordinator – Wardannapet Constituency)

8. N. Shekhar Rao Advocate (PCC)

9. Dommati Sambaiah (Const.MP)


      (+91 7075052545).

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