Name : KR Nagaraju

Father’s Name : Munuswamy Karpan 

Wife : Malleeswari 

Caste : Mala (SC) 

Educational Qualification : Graduation 

Additional Qualification : National Level Hockey Player (1979-88) Functioned As Sub-Inspector : 1989-1998 

Functioned As Circle Inspector : 1998-2009 

Functioned As DSP : 2009-2011 

As Additional SP : Vigilance and Enforcement 

Functioned as DCP : Additional SP, Additional DCP (Traffic,  South), Additional DCP, West Zone 

As IPS Officer : Commissioner, Nizamabad

Son’s Name : Dilip Raj 

Daughters’ Names : Deepika Raj, Divya Jayaraj Aspiring

Constituency : Wardhannapet 

Political party : Indian National Congress

KR Nagaraju Sir – ( Images, Video, and Song )


1) Between the years 1979 and 1988, I took part in various national hockey  tournaments. 

2) My career in law enforcement began in 1989, and I held the position of sub-inspector  until 1998. During this time, I worked in different areas, including Parakala, Nekkonda,  Mogullapalli, and Vardhannapet.  

3) During my tenure as SI, I was awarded a number of accolades and given several  appreciations by a variety of organizations in acknowledgment of the healthy and fruitful  relationships I maintained with the public and society. I was honoured with the Indian  Police Medal, which is a commendation given out by the government of India to police  officers who have demonstrated exceptional service. 

4) I was awarded the auxiliary promotion of Circle Inspector (CI) in honour of the  valuable services I had rendered in the performance of my obligations and  responsibilities. 


5) In the year 1998, I was successful in carrying out my responsibilities as a Circle  Inspector in the areas of Palvoncha, Mulugu, Subhedari, Palakurthi, Sattupalli, and  Cheryala.  

6) When I worked in the old Warangal and Khammam districts, I took decisive action  against bonded and compulsory labor, regardless of the manner in which it was carried  out, and I was able to put an end to that unfair practice with a great deal of success.  

7) During the time that I served as both SI and CI, I was successful in preserving the  public’s confidence in the police department by employing all of the citizen-friendly  policing strategies that were at my disposal.  

8) After being promoted as DSP in 2009, I carried out my responsibilities in the wings of  vigilance and enforcement, as well within the city limits.  

9) After that, I worked in Hyderabad as an Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police  (DCP) in the traffic, law and order, and vigilance wings.  

10) I functioned as an SP in CID after serving as DCP in Warangal East.  

11) In later years, I worked my way up the ranks of the Indian Police Service (I.P.S.  cadre) and eventually became Nizamabad’s Commissioner. I officially concluded my  tenure of employment on March 31, 2023.  

12) Throughout my extensive 26-year tenure in the police department, I have received  numerous accolades and commendations in recognition of my exceptional performance,  in addition to being bestowed with the esteemed Police Service Medal.  

13) Right through my employment as a law enforcement officer, I continually  endeavoured to motivate young individuals who had veered towards extreme ideologies  to reintegrate into mainstream society. To facilitate this process, I actively promoted and  supported the act of surrendering oneself to authorities.  



1) In my capacity as a representative of the national hockey team, I distributed  equipment to multiple hockey players. Additionally, I offered financial support to the  sportsmen hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. 

2) I established the K.R. Foundation, with the objective of annually distributing  complimentary textbooks and backpacks to economically disadvantaged children.  

3) In addition, I provide assistance to economically disadvantaged students by means of  our K.R. Foundation, which supports their educational expenditures. 

4) I provided recommendations for jobs in organizations like those where I have contacts  for a number of educated young people who are without employment. Numerous young  people and graduates from low income groups found employment with the assistance of  this strategy. 

5) A series of workshops were organized by the K.R. Foundation with the aim of  increasing awareness regarding the imperative to provide employment opportunities and  sustainable livelihoods for economically disadvantaged women from marginalized  backgrounds.  

6) In order to inform the farmers about cutting-edge innovations and techniques  important to dairy farming, agriculture, and other vital areas, we also launched  awareness campaigns in a number of villages in the Vardhannapet constituency. 

7) Engaging in social and spiritual endeavours facilitates my assimilation into society and  the broader populace.  


I have had a prolonged and enduring association with the Warangal district over  several decades. I fostered constructive interpersonal interactions with the inhabitants of  diverse villages within the Vardhannapet constituency. As a result of the various events  organized by the K.R. Foundation, our organization was able to establish a deeper  connection with the electorate. I have diligently fulfilled my responsibilities as an officer  of the Indian Police Service (IPS) with unwavering commitment and adherence to  professional conduct. I propose that active engagement in political affairs is the most  effective means for me to uphold my dedication to societal welfare and altruistic  endeavours. Because of its pivotal role in the accomplishment of Telangana’s goals and  its unyielding dedication to public service, the Congress party is, in my firm belief  and understanding, the most appropriate platform for the accomplishment of  my political goals. This is due to the fact that the Congress party has always  been committed to serving the public. 

If presented with the opportunity to engage as an activist for the Congress party,  I would be deeply privileged and would strive to distinguish myself as an exceptional and  exemplary activist. I would endeavour to disseminate the party’s ideologies and  initiatives to rural regions, enhance public consciousness on the significant deficiencies of  the government, and fortify the party’s presence in those areas. 

I assert my unwavering dedication and resolute commitment to the Congress  party, regardless of the magnitude or frequency of challenges that may arise. I thus 

pledge my unwavering commitment to persistently pursue the achievement of the  party’s ultimate success. I kindly request that you duly review my application and  provide me the opportunity to contest in the forthcoming Tealngana elections for the  Vardannapet constituency. The possession of an inherent capacity to sustain continuous  effort without succumbing to boredom, along with the ability to make prompt decisions  amidst intense fighting, confers upon me a notable edge. 

 If I were given the opportunity to take on a position of leadership, I would make a  concerted effort to expand the Congress party’s sphere of influence within Telangana  state. As a result, I respectfully request that you give due consideration to my candidacy  and provide me the opportunity to take part in the upcoming elections. Thank you for  your time. 

Extremely devoted Congress Party ideology and activist! 


K.R.Nagaraju (Former IPS Officer)

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KR Nagaraju Sir IPS
KR Nagaraju Sir IPS

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KR Nagaraju

EX-IPS officer

Wardhannapet Congress Party

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